Groomanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others through grooming sacrifices. 
Skip this month’s trip to the barber and salon, donate your beauty budget and become a Groomanthropist!

ignites acts of kindness
through grooming sacrifices

ignites acts of kindness
through grooming sacrifices

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🐶 Bundle up your #furbaby in a towel and show them your at home #grooming skills because pups need grooming love too! You may need some luck when you put them in the tub for their at home wash! We appreciate your sacrifices as you become a #groomanthropist Visit groomanthropy.com to learn how you can turn your grooming sacrifices into acts of kindess and #donateyourbeautybudget *link in bio groomanthropy.com ...

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I may look like a mess but I know I'm doing my part! - says every #groomanthropist ever! We have some fun stuff coming to social, keep your eyes open, hair messy and be ready for some grooming entertainment.
We can't go to our favourite grooming spots and usual appointments but there are other ways to support your community. #donateyourbudget and we thank you!
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@diabetescanada @secondharvestca @ssn_york @mghfoundation

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🌎 Thank you to everyone #stayinghome and #stayingsafe.
❤️ Thank you to everyone looking out for each other.
✂️ Thank you to everyone sacrificing their usual #grooming.
✨ Thank you to everyone #donating to a cause.
👭 Thank you to everyone performing #actsofkindness.
Thank you to our partners and #groomanthropist community

@diabetescanada @secondharvestca @mghfoundation @ssn_york

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Happy Tuesday! What does it mean to be a #groomanthropist? When you donate to Groomanthropy your helping in so many ways ✨

#Kindness: Acts of kindness go a long way by encouraging others to #stayhome, #staysafe and #sharelove. Spend some time with your family (safely) and give someone in your household a haircut. You'll have a good laugh and help someone in need #donateyourbeautybudget. We all know laughter is the best medicine. ❤️

#Community: Groomanthropy goes out to the community to help give back. We collect donated grooming products, create kits, and bring them to organizations in need. We help our partner charities by collecting donations on their behalf as they are pillars of our community Diabetes Canada: Ontario Second Harvest MGH Foundation and Social Services Network 🤗

#Hunger: Food should be something no person has to worry about. Becoming a #groomanthropist means you share this goal as your helping organizations like Second Harvest feed families 🍽

#Heath: The #️⃣ 1️⃣ priority towards ourselves is our health. Donating and becoming a #groomanthropist advocates for a healthy lifestyle. To keep healthy as can be right now we must stay home and dedicate to eating right, self-care, and our mental health. Check-in on your loved ones and stay safe! ☀️
To become a Groomanthropist visit Groomanthropy.com

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Donate your unused beauty budget
to those in need

The cause was born during the COVID-19 crisis to raise funds to support leading charities across Canada including: Diabetes Canada, Michael Garron Hospital Foundation, Second Harvest, and Social Services Network.

The public is invited to become “Groomanthropists” by donating funds saved by not performing regular grooming practices such as hair cuts, beard trims, manicures & pedicures, shaves, facials, hair removal, aesthetics, etc. 

By sacrificing grooming practices, Groomanthropists are promoting the welfare of others and contributing to the greater good.

The Groomanthropy movement provides an overarching cause for charities to rally around and partner together to help improve the quality of life of vulnerable community members.

All funds, excluding administrative fees, will be donated directly to Groomanthropy partners. The Groomanthropy movement does not receive any funds. Its sole purpose is to help the betterment of society and serve as a rallying cause for its partners. For more information regarding donations please visit Our Partners or feel free to send us a message.


Diabetes Canada provides social support for people living with diabetes. Donating now will help to deliver vital services for people with diabetes. We have adapted many of our services to support people affected by diabetes including the following:
Michael Garron Hospital Foundation provides care from birth to end-of-life, serving 400,000 diverse people living in East Toronto. Poverty and isolation—two of the most critical social determinants of health—affect people in East Toronto neighbourhoods disproportionately.
The COVID-19 Pandemic has required Michael Garron Hospital to focus on scaling and pivoting to address the crisis.  Immediate funds will contribute towards a new patient care centre to better serve the community, including implementing enhanced infection control measures.

Second Harvest assists with food insecurity and environmental sustainability. The COVID-19 Pandemic has increased the demand for food banks and meal programs. Immediate funds are being used to realize Second Harvest’s vision of “No Waste. No Hunger.” by recovering and delivering surplus food to 1,080 social service organizations across Ontario and BC.

Social Services Network provides social support for seniors. The COVID-19 Pandemic has closed down the community space where seniors were coming together to build relationships and experience high-value programming (exercise, meditation, yoga, etc.). Social Services Network will use these immediate funds to support virtual programming for seniors including physical exercise, peer socialising, and facilitated engagement sessions.


DECOSTA Inc. creates and improves revenue streams for brands by engaging audiences and creating original digital experiences. Through COVID-19 we have continued to creatively help brands amplify their messages and build their communities.


post your long-haired, undergroomed selfie on instagram and don't forget to tag @groomanthropy for a chance to be featured here!



Zain Rahim Partner and Co-Founder Having worked in sales for close to two decades, Zain loves working with and helping people.  He is currently working with Novo Nordisk in their Sales Division and feels fortunate to be able to support health care practitioners daily. Recently, Zain visited his roots in Tanzania and Uganda.  It was there that he realized the inequities that exist in the world and recognized how fortunate we are as Canadians. This has inspired him to give back to people in need and has culminated into co-founding Groomanthropy.
Rahim Rahim Partner and Co-Founder Rahim is passionate about helping people and making a difference. He has worked at Tier 1 organizations as a Senior Marketing Leader and is dedicated to finding creative solutions to help make the lives of people better. He co-founded Groomanthropy to establish a unique platform to better society and create a “rallying cause” for charities to collaborate and uplift each other.
Alykhan Suleman Vice President, Partnership Development and Fund Raising Alykhan graduated with a Masters of Social Work Degree in Community Development and Social Planning from Wilfrid Laurier University. He brings 20 years of experience in the not for profit sector, of which he has worked on projects that have bridged across 21 countries globally. Alykhan currently manages Social Services Network for the York Region as their Executive Director, where he oversees staff and volunteers to empower, support and encourage seniors to live an independent and enriched life through programs, services, and advocacy. Alykhan is excited about joining the Groomanthropy team because of the idea that one can choose to relinquish personal grooming for those who may not have a choice. For him, this inspiring concept creatively captures the significance of raising human dignity through self-sacrifice.
Sofia Alani Suleman Director, Youth Engagement Sofia Alani Suleman is currently in her second year at The University of Toronto majoring in Media, Journalism and Digital Cultures with double minors in Art History and Curatorial Studies. Sofia endeavours to pursue Islamic Studies through the lens of diverse Muslim Cultures. Sofia brings a decade of volunteer leadership experience to the community; from a variety of volunteer roles, she has had the privilege of working with diverse communities ranging from young children to older adults. Concerned about her community during the pandemic, Sofia was inspired by Groomanthropy’s mission that focused on promoting “acts of kindness” through grooming sacrifices. She is inspired to rally young people around the Groomanthropy cause and improve the lives of others in her community.

Aabida Dhanji Madhani Social Media and Events Manager Aabida is a communications professional with over five years of experience in social media management, journalism, and project management. She has her B.A from York University and is a graduate of the Humber College Advanced Diploma Journalism program and the Seneca College Public Relations – Corporate Communications program. Through her experiences in public relations and non-profit communications, she has been able to develop exceptional writing, editing and interpersonal communication skills. Her areas of expertise include web and print content development, social media content development, public speaking, event management and media relations. When Aabida heard about the Groomanthropy campaign she was excited to jump on board and help out with the initiative in any way possible. “The idea of becoming a Groomanthropist and donating your beauty budget was very different from anything I’ve heard of before”


We would love to hear from you. If you would like to partner with Groomanthropy, join our team, or write about our work, please send us a message using the form below.